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"You've reached the voice mail of Takamura Suoh. Please leave a message after the beep."
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[Wherever Suoh is, it sounds a bit noisy in the background, like he might be in a shop. But it's just audio for now so its difficult to tell.]

Quatre, what would you think about getting a pet at the apartment?
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[This looks like a fail lock, or that it wasn't locked on accident, but Suoh is actually being a clever little thing with what he's doing here.

Should anyone he knows contacts him (because his voice is pretty recognizable), he'll take anon off. But for now this just seems like random tamer #3456 asking random questions. ]

Was anyone around in Tetha a few weeks ago when those strange monsters attacked? I think it might have been the eleventh, or maybe the twelfth? Anyway... I was just curious. Seems strange, that they weren't digimon, and that it looked like they were trying to kidnap digimon instead. So odd... is another tamer behind this?

I'm just asking questions, I suppose. No such thing as a stupid question, just stupid answers, right?

[Private to Natalia]

Thank you for your help. I'm very sorry that I collapsed on you. I never would have gotten out of there if you hadn't arrived.

Have you found any leads on the case?
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Basic HMD for Suoh Takamura of CLAMP School Detectives for [community profile] liftingtheveil 
Love it? Hate it? Let me know! Be kind, flames will be ignored.
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OOC Information
Mun Name: JeniOctavia
Mun Email:

IC Information
Character Name: Suoh Takamura
Canon: CLAMP School Detectives (also appears in X/1999)
Character Age: 25
Timeline: Towards the end of X/1999 but before everything goes to hell.
History ect )
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[This color is Suoh
This color is Duo

Yes their names rhyme. What of it?]


I don't think shakin' it is gonna work, dude.

Well nothing else this week has worked so far!

[rattle rattle]

Could try hittin' it.

... ah, I don't think I have to. It's working now. [long, annoyed sigh] Could anything else go wrong this week?

Don't say that, Su. You'll curse us all.

Oh please, Duo... half our friends are data frozen as it is. And now--... [quiet mutter] damnit all.


Phillip is gone.

... seriously?

Yes. "User Not Found" See?

Well. Damn. ... see! I told you! Say things like that and you're just gonna make it worse! Also I think it's recording...

... [another sigh] Figures. I'm going back to bed. Wake me when the world goes back to normal.

Uh, Su, this world is never normal. ... h-hey, come on, come back!

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[ooc: About twenty minutes after Alice's post

The comm's audio turns on to the sound of very heavy rain and multiple foot steps as well as a few young-sounding voices talking.]

I-I'm sorry it's so far out here, Sensei!

It's alright, Guilmon. Let's just try to hurry, okay? We're almost there. That water in the canal is going really fast... Be careful, this bridge doesn't seem as stable as the others...


[there's a very loud cracknoise, and several of the kids scream and Suoh lets out a loud yelp.]

Ah--! Guilmon, hang on!

I'm scared, Sensei!

Just hang on! I'll try to pull you up!

[there's another crack, Guilmon screams, and the comm cuts out because the mun is evil like that]
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[Suoh bows respectfully to the video screen]

My name is Takamura Suoh, and I'm one of the judges of the Martial Arts tournament. I was wondering if I could have a moment of your time.
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[Some time after 8:00 PM]

I have been collecting data with another tamer by the name of Philip. As of right now fifteen victims have fallen to this mysterious spirit girl. I have compiled something of a time line detailing what Philip and I have uncovered so far. We're sharing this information in hopes that more details may be able to come out that we haven't found yet.

[Attached: Suoh's Event Timeline.]
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I’ve already been here for a few days, so I suppose it’s pertinent to introduce myself. I am Takamura Suoh, and I’m new to this world, as you can probably guess. I’m currently staying in Tetha with... a friend until I can find my own place.

I’ve had a lot of things explained to me already by people I’ve already met here, so I suppose my next questions are... is there a place I can finish my schooling, are there any martial arts training facilities in the area, and would there by any place that I can find work? I was class secretary at CLAMP School in Japan, but I’m capable of learning whatever skill necessary to work at any place.

I thank everyone for their time and wish you all a good day.


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